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“I can personally attest to The Helpful Chick’s stellar and responsive support. From handling my blog posts to updating CRM to posting videos for replay and everything in between, I rely on them with peace of mind. Once I hand off, I don’t worry about it. See what they can take off your plate, as you ramp up in 2022 for your next level! Well worth every penny!!! (Because what I have them handle frees me up to make even more money, and I should know because I’m all about the money!)“
Susan Glusica
Unrivaled Realizer, Money Energy Mastery, Unrivaled Realizations
“Five stars: What a relief it was to talk with Angela today. My website was so heavy on my mind that I was feeling overwhelmed and a bit stuck. In a few short minutes Angela got what I needed and showed me in simple terms some great tips. Just to know you have a skilled personable techy on your side is golden. I waited too long to reach out. That Helpful Chick made it all so painless. Connect with them it feels great to get it off your back.“
Laura Long
REI Wealth Maven, Bottom Line WealthOptimal Living Coach & Energetics practitioner
“You guys are awesome! I tell people you are my secret weapon. You guys have set up funnels for me, done my CRM work – sequences, fixed some website stuff – you are the bomb!!“
Michele Mere
Decisive Minds
“SUPPORT is the keyword for me here – some may say it but this tech team delivers and relieves my stress as they actually do it. CRM, Funnels, websites are all back-office stressors that @thehelpfulchick is quick to support. I don’t have to wait – it’s just done 😍 Thank you for all that you do.“
Jo Anna Wright
REI Wealth Maven, Bottom Line Wealth
“Talk about HELPFUL! I’m renown for messing anything I touch Tech! But That Helpful Chick are the ones that get me out of trouble! The go-to professional to ensure that side of my business (tech, IT, integrations, website, Facebook, etc) runs flawlessly!“
Tyron Giuliani
LinkedIn Sales Funnels for Entrepreneurs
“Angela really lives and breathes being “That Helpful Chick!” What an amazing spirit in this one! So incredibly helpful and uplifting to anyone within her sights. Class act! Happy to have you as my go-to on all things tech!“
Juanita Renee Jones
Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs

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